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Cheeba DECA

The Cheeba DECA delivers 2.5 times the dose of the standard Cheeba QUAD does. Winner of the 2011 and 2012 High Times Award for its sheer potency and quality, no other edible delivers the same experience as the Cheeba DECA. With 175 mg of THC, the DECA offers you the option to control the amount taken. The flavor resembles the QUAD dose: chocolate taffy with a hint of mint. The Cheeba DECA is a great value with a long-lasting high in the familiar, discreet size.

Cheeba Chew Deca

Cheeba Chew Deca 175 Mg 25 Pack


Cheeba Chews Hybrid

The hybrid combines the traits from the Sativa and Indica. The effects usually last anywhere from two to four hours, without the adverse effects of drowsiness. The hybrid contains 70mg of THC and the same great taste of the QUAD dose.

Chebba Chew Hybrid

Chebba Chew Hybrid 70 Mg 25 Pack


Cheeba Chews Sativa

The Sativa Cheeba is a perfect product for daytime consumption. Though primarily cerebral, with feelings of euphoria and optimism, the edible also provides a good degree of pain relief for specific issues. Customers know the Sativa for its uplifting and slight hallucinogenic effects. It contains 70mg of TCH and usually lasts between two and four hours with an onset at about 45 minutes to an hour.

Cheeba Chew Sativa

Cheeba Chew Sativa 70 MG 25 Pack


Cheeba Chews Indica 

Providing a wonderful body buzz, the Cheeba Indica strain is perfect for relaxing, releasing stress, and producing a serene effect upon consumption. The Indica also helps with insomnia, as the effects last four hours. The Cheeba Indica has a chocolate taffy flavor and contains 70 mg of THC.

Cheeba Chew Indica 70 Mg 25 Pack

Cheeba Chew Indica
70 Mg 25 Pack


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